Saturday, April 27, 2013

How a home business starts to take off

Many years ago, I came across Carl on a forum;  seems like a sensible person with just the usual, run-of the mill issues about working in a difficult economy, a nice family and an interest in the creative arts.  Until ....

Carl's life took an unexpected turn after a fire destroyed his home;  I'm not sure what caused the fire and thankfully Carl and family weren't hurt.  Even more fortunately, Carl had made sure he had good home insurance and started to rebuild the family home, acquiring some new stuff where it was sensible to do so and also some second-hand bits and pieces where there seemed no reason to buy brand new.  That's how the new home business started.

In the course of seeking out second-hand furniture, Carl came across a family who were downsizing from their large family home and who hadn't a clue how to market their collection of collectibles and antiques.  So, because Carl is quite good on the computer and knows how to take decent photos, he made an arrangement where he takes pictures of the collectibles, researches the items and then lists the item for sale on eBay.  It's not a full-time business, it only takes a few days out of every month to do the work and, obviously, when the house is clear of the collectibles, the arrangement will come to an end, hopefully to be replaced by finding someone else looking for the same service.

Carl's payment is a fee for doing the work to list each item - so he's not making a fortune.  However, it is adding to his income every month and it is giving him so much knowledge about the collectibles he's selling that he will be able to start dealing in these items himself, if he ever wished to do that.

This is not a business for everyone but it is doable and, as I say, it adds to Carl's monthly income at a time when there are few part time jobs available.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Product Idea Manufacturing

Do you watch the Dragons' Den programmes?  We love them and watch the re-runs at every available opportunity because they quite often offer a business masterclass.  The Dragons are shrewd people with an eye for projects which are likely to succeed and which therefore offer a good return on their investment.

How do inventors and creative people get the products made in the first place?  How do they go about making prototypes, finding manufacturers and bringing the product to market?  It turns out that there are companies dedicated to product idea manufacturing.  Who would have thought :)  One such company is United Global Sourcing - they have been helping creative types since 1982.  UGS seamlessly arranges design, prototyping, tooling, production, quality control and transportation for hundreds of American, Canadian and European manufacturing companies.

I'm getting my thinking cap on while I'm typing this!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Insurance for homeowners

Insurance for Homeowners in Las Vegas
We've just returned from a month's holiday and we had a fabulous time.  However, getting on holiday proved a little more traumatic as several insurance issues raised their heads.

It was time for our annual house insurance renewal - because I was changing companies, I needed to visit my agent to complete the necessary forms.  (This was the day before our departure date!)  Business done, I headed home - only to be involved in a rear-end shunt at traffic lights approximately 2 miles from home.  DUH.  More insurance issues to deal with.

Because we were going to be away for so long, it was a relief to know that our house was covered for insurance - and, if you'd like an illustration of what cover you need to protect your property, (Las Vegas homeowners take note!) then here are some useful tips -

There are many types of homeowners insurance. The most traditional homeowners insurance policy is simply a policy to protect your home, the contents of your home and any structures on the property and provide liability protection. The premiums can be rolled into your mortgage as a part of escrow or paid on their own yearly or monthly.

If you are a renter, you may want to consider homeowners insurance for renters. This provides you with liability coverage in case of a fire or water leak that stems from your rented space. Also, it covers your personal belongings that are stored in your rented space.

If you own a condo, townhouse or apartment, you will also require some form of Las Vegas homeowners insurance. Liability coverage will be more important in this instance because you will be sharing walls and the danger of damaging someone else's property is much greater.
 Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that you're covered! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Invoiceberry - great way to send out electronic invoices.

Invoiceberry is an easy-to-use online invoicing software for small businesses, freelancers and sole traders. Businesses can create, send and manage their invoices online. They can also keep track of their expenses and payments and send invoice reminders. 

Over the years since I went online, (my first attempt at a website was on aol's free web space, many years ago) the software which has been developed has covered most areas of business.  Online invoicing software just wasn't available then and now, thanks to Invoiceberry, you can manage your invoices, send out reminders automatically and keep track of your costs as well as creating and sending out quotations.  This is designed to be straightforward with no frills, so that the online management of your business is streamlined.  It's a great idea for service businesses who are looking to embrace online technology, freeing up their time to provide the service rather than doing the admin.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kids Clothes - Wholesale Supply

It's typical - just the other day someone asked me about supplying some kids clothes and I didn't have a wholesale supply contact for the type of clothes they wanted.  Now I've just stumbled on the very site which would have solved their problem -   This company offers a range of childrens' clothes from cardigans to party dresses and from boys' suits to pyjamas. 

While the images don't really do the stock justice, this is an online shop which should go from strength to strength.

Oak Dining Tables - a contemporary look

I grew up in a farmhouse which was furnished by my mother from great finds at local auctions.  We used to joke that she would come back with yet another dining room table, a great wardrobe or chest of drawers.  In those days, solid wood furniture was cheap to buy and, because her father had been a joiner, she loved and appreciated the quality of the furniture on offer.

It's really lovely to see nice pieces of oak being made into dining tables, chairs and sideboards - Top Furniture Ltd offer one of the largest selection of oak dining tables in the UK.  Small dining tables to seat 2 or 4 people up to very large dining tables seating 8, 10, 12 or 14 people. Well-made pieces like these might be appearing on the Antiques Road Show 200 years from now - I'd love to be around to see them!  The prices seem very reasonable as well - Mum would be proud.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jolomo Calendar 2012

Just a quick note to say that I added a new listing on our eBay store - the Jolomo 2012 Wall Calendar - the prints of John Lowrie Morrison's painting for each month are so good that they would frame beautifully.  Ideal as a corporate gift, we would be happy to discuss your order.

Scenes depicted -

  • Old Tree at Loch Buie Mull,
  • Butt of Lewis Lighthouse,
  • Early morning light Salen pier Mull,
  • Moonlight Crail,
  • Evening reflections Dunardy,
  • Summer evening light Isle of Gigha,
  • Prince Charlie's Bay Isle of Eriskay,
  • Iona Sunset,
  • Kilbrannan Sound Arran from Kintyre,
  • The Spark the Duke and the Vic [Puffers],
  • Footprints in the sand Etrick Bay,
  • Early morning rain Craighouse Isle of Jura.
15" X 12" Published by Island Blue  Tobermory Isle of Mull Scotland